Chump Magic Cisco Systems Mural Image Two
Chump Magic Cisco Systems Mural Image Three

Chump Magic x Cisco Systems, Inc.
Above - mural for Cisco Systems, Inc. main headquarters in San Jose, California. The mural covered two long walls in a hall, two pillars and a piece of the floor. Above bottom right - a photograph of the completed hall and pillar.

Chump Magic x The Expendables
Above - multiple options for a four-colored screen printed poster for The Expendables. The poster was used to promote the shows in Texas during a North American tour and was sold as a commemorative piece.

Chump Magic Barefoot Truth Poster
Chump Magic Creature Skateboards Skate Deck

Chump Magic x Barefoot Truth
Above left - poster artwork promote a small reunion tour for the band Barefoot Truth. While the tour was only four show, the band hadn't performed in awhile and wanted to have a fun, awesome poster to celebrate the reunion.

Chump Magic x Creature Skateboards
Above right - skateboard deck for Creature skateboards.

Chump Magic New Kingston Kingston City Album Art
Chump Magic California Roots Music and Arts Festival Design
Chump Magic Santa Cruz Hip Hop Album Art

Chump Magic x New Kingston
Above left - album artwork for the band New Kingston and logo design done a few years prior.

Chump Magic x California Roots
Above middle - t-shirt and sticker for California Roots Music and Arts Festival in 2022.

Chump Magic x Sylence and Ariginal
Above right - album cover for a friend.

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